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The Avatar Path - The Way We Came by Harry Palmer

Short Description

On the surface, this is a book of words that conveys a pleasant melody. But underneath the stories, chords of consciousness are being strummed that will transform the way you think. THE WAY WE CAME  A story of an awakening that has become a worldwide movement. Our Guarantee: Reading this book will change your life.

Price -  £12.50 + £2.50 P+P


To download your copy from the internet at $9.99 

Living Deliberately,  by Harry Palmer 

An overview of the principals of Avatar.
The book to use for Section I of the Avatar course

Price -  £12.50 + £2.50 P+P


To download your free copy from the internet - - e Living Deliberatley
ReSurfacing®,  by Harry Palmer 

A great book to begin the exploration of your consciousness, 30 exercises.
The book to use for Section I of the Avatar course
Price -  £12.50 + £2.50 P+P




Book - Living Deliberately
Book - ReSurfacing
Tape - How To Create Magic In Your Life
Leaflet - 10 ways to take back your life
Check sheet for home study

Price - £20.00 + £5.00 P+P


Thoughtstorm® Manual,  by Harry Palmer

Use this book as a tool to inspire, get group alignment,  - any situation where you have a group of people that need to come together.

Price -  £12.50 + £2.50 P+P



Inside Avatar®,  by Harry Palmer

A great book to take a look inside Avatar!

Price -  £10.00 + £2.50 P+P



A selection of DVD's also available - please call for availability and price. Thank you

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