Avatar Intro Dates

What you can expect at an Introduction to Avatar – The Agenda Welcome, Refreshments and introductions What is Avatar? DVD “Make Your Mind Up“ (30 Minutes) 5.Mini Course – Belief Management -AvatarEPC.com 6.    What is your next step? wrap up. Total time about 3 hours DATE Phone DIRECTIONS NEW – SOUTH LONDON DATES (scroll down for North London dates) 2011Chrisanne […]

Resurfacing exercise

The Compassion Exercise©  By Harry Palmer his exercise can be found on page 90 of the English version of the book called ReSurfacing® written by Harry Palmer. ©1999 Star’s Edge International All rights reserved. Reproduced here by special permission. Objective: To increase compassion in the world Expected results: A personal sense of peace. Instructions: This exercise can be done anywhere that […]